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Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Department of Genetics

Bronx, NY

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Department of Genetics / Department of Genetics is located in Bronx, NY.

Degrees & Awards

Degrees Offered

Degree Concentration Sub-concentration
Doctor of Medicine/Doctor of Philosophy (MD/PhD)
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Translational genetics
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Molecular genetics
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Computational genetics

Earning Your Degree

Part-time study available? No
Evening/weekend programs available? No

Degree Requirements

Degree Requirement
Doctoral Degrees Entrance Exam GRE General Test
Thesis Required



Application Fee - Domestic

Application Deadlines

Type Domestic International Priority date
Fall deadline January 15th Not reported No

Entrance Requirements

Exam Details
Doctoral Degree Exam GRE General Test

International Students

Exam Details
TOEFL: Required


Focus of faculty research: Neurologic genetics in &ITDrosophila&RO, biochemical genetics of yeast, developmental genetics in the mouse
Externally sponsored research expenditures last year: 0

Location & Contact

Address 1300 Morris Park Avenue
Bronx, NY  10461
United States
Contact Dr. Jan Vijg
Phone: 718-678-1151

Albert Einstein College of Medicine