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Albertus Magnus College

Master of Science in Accounting

New Haven, CT

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Master of Science in Accounting / Master of Science in Accounting is located in New Haven, CT, in a suburban setting.

Degrees & Awards

Degrees Offered

Degree Concentration Sub-concentration
Master of Science (MS)
Master of Science in Accounting (MSA)

Degrees Awarded

Degree Number Awarded
Master's Degrees 9

Earning Your Degree

Distance learning programs available? No

Degree Requirements

Degree Requirement
Master's Degrees Comp Exam Required
Thesis Optional
Min. cumulative GPA of 3.0, completion within 7 years, payment of all tuition and fees



Application Fee - Domestic
applications accepted?
Applications processed
on a rolling basis?

Entrance Requirements

Exam Details
Master's Degree Requirements A bachelor's degree, min. cum. GPA of 3.0, completion of min. 24 undergraduate credits in accounting and 22 credits in business, two letters of recommendation from former professors or professional associates , written 500-600 words essay, a one-page writer's resum?®.

Tuition & Fees

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Financial Support

Financial award applicants must submit: FAFSA
Types of financial support available Graduate Assistantships

Student Body

Total Graduate Students
Not Reported
International Breakout (representing other countries)


Hispanic/Latino 50%
Black or African American 10%
White or Caucasian 30%
American Indian or Alaska Native 0%
Asian 0%
Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander 0%
Two or more races 0%
Unknown 10%


Male (20%)
Female (80%)

Location & Contact

Address 700 Prospect Street
New Haven, CT  06511
United States
Contact Dr. Alan DelFavero
Director of Graduate Accounting Programs
Phone: -773-8565

Albertus Magnus College