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Barry University

Program in Curriculum and Instruction

Miami Shores, FL

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Program in Curriculum and Instruction / Program in Curriculum and Instruction is located in Miami Shores, FL, in a suburban setting.

Degrees & Awards

Degrees Offered

Degree Concentration Sub-concentration
Specialist in Education (Ed S) Accomplished teacher
Specialist in Education (Ed S) Early childhood
Specialist in Education (Ed S) Elementary
Specialist in Education (Ed S) ESOL
Specialist in Education (Ed S) Gifted
Specialist in Education (Ed S) Montessori
Specialist in Education (Ed S) PKP/elementary
Specialist in Education (Ed S) Reading
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Culture, language and literacy (TESOL)
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Elementary education
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Early childhood education
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Curriculum evaluation and research
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Reading, language and cognition



Application Fee - Domestic

Entrance Requirements

Exam Details
Doctoral Degree Exam GRE
Doctoral Degree Requirements Minimum GPA of 3.25

Student Body

Total Graduate Students
International Breakout (representing other countries)


Hispanic/Latino 0%
Black or African American 0%
White or Caucasian 0%
American Indian or Alaska Native 0%
Asian 2.7%
Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander Not Reported
Two or more races Not Reported
Unknown 81.08%


Male (32%)
Female (67%)

Location & Contact

Address 11300 Northeast Second Avenue
Miami Shores, FL  33010
United States
Contact Dr. Jill Farrell
Phone: 305-899-3000

Barry University