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Campbell University

School of Education

Buies Creek, NC

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School of Education / School of Education is located in Buies Creek, NC, in a rural setting.

Degrees & Awards

Degrees Offered

Degree Concentration Sub-concentration
Master of Arts (MA)
Master of Education (M Ed) Physical education
Master of Education (M Ed) Interdisciplinary studies
Master of Education (M Ed) Secondary education
Master of Education (M Ed) Middle grades education
Master of Education (M Ed) School counseling
Master of School Administration (MSA) School administration
Master of Education (M Ed) Elementary education

Earning Your Degree

Part-time study available? Yes
Evening/weekend programs available? Yes
Distance learning programs available? No

Degree Requirements

Degree Requirement
Master's Degrees Entrance Exam GRE General Test
Comp Exam Required



Application Fee - Domestic
applications accepted?
Applications processed
on a rolling basis?

Application Deadlines

Type Domestic International Priority date
Fall deadline August 1st Not reported Yes
Spring deadline January 2nd Not reported No

Entrance Requirements

Exam Details
Master's Degree Exam GRE General Test
Master's Degree Requirements Minimum GPA of 2.7

Tuition & Fees

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Financial Support

Financial award applicants must submit: FAFSA
Application deadlines for financial awards April 15

Student Body

Total Graduate Students
Not Reported
International Breakout (representing other countries)


Male (14%)
Female (85%)


Focus of faculty research: Spiritual values and wellness issues in counseling, stress and professional burnout among counselors, thinking strategies, leadership, adaptive technology
Externally sponsored research expenditures last year: 0

Location & Contact

Address 143 Main Street
Buies Creek, NC  27506
United States
Contact Dr. Karen P. Nery
Phone: 910-893-1631
Fax: 910-893-1999

Campbell University