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Majoring in communications offers you a wide area of study that can be applicable to almost any industry. Associate, bachelor’s, master’s, and certification programs are typically offered from a college’s school of business, and will teach you how to form convincing arguments in the appropriate medium to effectively deliver what you have to say. Communications graduates are able to apply to a vast amount of different job titles due to the versatile skillset they gain. Because you can obtain each of these degrees online, you can gain work experience to help build your resume while you take classes at your own pace.

Depending on the electives and classes you decide to focus your area of study, you will learn a number of different skills that will be beneficial to you, no matter which career path you want to go down. Typically, students will gain a deep understanding of business, strategic, and professional communication, argumentation and persuasion, conflict resolution and negotiation, leadership and teamwork, critical and analytical thinking, event planning, public speaking, journalism, and marketing. Graduates will also have strong oral and written communication skills, be able to research theories and communicate information in an easy to understand way, so that your target audience is able to understand your message, and creatively solve problems.

In order to be hired into top organizations and job titles you should be able to show potential employers that you can provide substantive meaning to company goals and show consumers why your product or service is better than the competitions. There are many different jobs that you can apply your skills to after graduation. You can get hired as a communication specialist for large and small companies, work in marketing and public relations, human resources, digital media and social media marketing, copywriting, and sales. You can also begin a career in education as a primary or secondary teacher if you further your education so that you qualify for a teaching licensure in the state you want to work in.

Communications majors are valuable to almost any company as clear, concise, and effective communication is essential in today’s fast-paced environment, and as attention spans become shorter and shorter. With the implementation of the internet into our everyday lives, businesses recognize the need for a strong digital communication plan. Achieve your degree online now to help you be successful in your professional career and personal life

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