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Online degree programs are becoming more and more common, and online degrees from reputable, accredited schools often hold the same value to prospective employers as traditional degrees. If you are interested in a degree in anthropology, but need the schedule flexibility of online courses, degree programs are available. Some degrees are entirely online, but most anthropology degree programs contain some classes that require field research or other hands on work that simply cannot be taken online. Still, even with a few field research or lab classes, getting an online degree in anthropology will allow you to obtain your degree mostly on your own schedule and allow you to work around your family life and your current career.

There are four main fields of anthropology. Cultural anthropology studies society and how society has developed over time in different parts of the world. It examines how social structures organized themselves in different areas of the world, both in past and present societies. Biological or physical anthropology studies how humans change to adapt themselves to different environments around the world, and how those adaptations affect human behavior. Archaeology studies past civilizations, their social structure, technological development, and lifestyles by examining artifacts, bones and architecture left behind by these civilizations. Linguistic anthropology is the study of language, and how language drives the development of society, ethnic or cultural identity, and sociological behavior.

Many online degree programs provide some introductory education in all four fields of anthropology, while also allowing you to focus on one main discipline. Particularly, Master’s and PhD degrees allow you to enhance your knowledge and specialize in one field of anthropology. While it is possible for most classes to be taken online, keep in mind that there may be some field work or classes that require more hands on lab experience. When looking at an online degree program, it is advisable to review any requirements for field research or lab work and make sure that you can fit these classes into your schedule.

Since anthropology often deals with different cultures, there may be opportunities to study and conduct research abroad for a period of time, even in an otherwise completely online program. A career in anthropology can include field work in remote locations all around the world, and so foreign language classes may be a part of some degree requirements. If you have a passion and a drive to understand how the human race develop and continues to develop, then a degree in anthropology can lead you to some very interesting career opportunities. Online degree programs can help those who have time and scheduling constraints to obtain a degree and begin this exciting career.

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