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Those who want to pursue a long-lasting career in the construction industry will want to obtain a degree in construction management. This is a great degree for students who have an interest in building, design, and leading construction projects from the ground-up. Construction workers in general are always in high demand due to the constant need for publicly and privately funded infrastructure projects. Majoring in construction management from an accredited college will allow you to gain the education you need to be successful while you work full-time and at your own pace.

A bachelor degree in construction management will mainly prepare you to be a construction manager. During your construction management program you will learn every aspect of construction jobs, from excavation, finishing, manual labor, managing employees and contractors to obtaining work permits, handling emergencies on the job, and site planning. Graduates will be highly skilled in power technology, project control, engineering and architectural sciences, building codes and standards, coordinating proper construction methods and using cost-effective construction materials, and estimating the costs and value of a particular project.

There are also many skills that you will obtain during your degree program that will be applicable to many different non-degree related jobs, including statistics, mathematics, financial management, business, accounting, writing and research, and negotiation. Besides becoming a general construction manager, graduates also begin down other career paths, including contractors for public and private building construction, for example plumbing, electrical, and masonry. Some students also go to a graduate or trade school to obtain an advanced degree in order to work for local and state governments, architectural and engineering consulting firms, financial management firms, real estate investment companies, and educational lecturers.

The job outlook for construction managers is very positive. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts 1.6 million new jobs in the construction industry by 2022 due to the federal government’s push to create new jobs in needed areas across the nation. Work experience and going to an accredited college are the two main factors when finding a successful career. Though certification isn’t required for many jobs, it will give you a leg up during your job search. The American Institute of Constructors (AIC) and the Construction Management Association of America (CMAA) offer accreditation to institutions and multiple certifications to graduates.

Construction management students can rest well knowing that employment opportunities are on the rise, and after graduation they will have a valuable skillset that will make them an asset to a number of different companies. Since these programs are offered online, the hands-on work experience and education you gain throughout your program will help you become successful for many years to come.

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