You may think that starting a modeling career is as easy as sending your photo to a modeling agency and then waiting for the phone to ring. In some cases it is, but in many cases breaking into the field of fashion modeling requires more than just a pretty face.

Search for Modeling Colleges

Modeling training is often comprised of training in acting and fashion design. Modeling colleges focus on teaching students about fashion and acting. A modeling course in acting helps teach future models to express themselves on the runway or in a photo shoot. Modeling is about conveying an attitude and telling a story, and colleges for modeling help students with this through the acting courses. This actually works out well, since many models are also interested in acting as a career. In fact, many models have made the transition from billboards to acting, and even to directing or producing.

While some models are interested in acting, others are interested in fashion design. Fashion design and modeling go hand-in-hand. Modeling colleges often help students understand fashion design, and the fashion world in general. Fashion design is a craft that many models pursue, and some models actually leave modeling to design full-time.