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If you are considering a career in zoology, there are many things to consider. Searching for a school that offers a good zoology school can be a little complicated. The best school for you might not be the best school for someone else studying zoology. You’ll want to consider the level of education you will need in order to achieve your career goals. If you are still in high school, you should consider taking classes that will help you get into a good zoology program. Let’s take a look at what kind of homework you’ll need to do in order to find, and get admitted to, the ideal zoology program for you.

Choosing a School:

There are many great zoology degree programs to choose from. The first thing you must consider, when looking at schools, is how you want to use your degree, and what your focus will be. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

Do you want to work in a zoo or a wildlife preserve, or are you planning on doing field work?

Do you want to work with animals in general, or with specific kinds of animals? You can get a very specific zoology degree if you know what kind of animals you are interested in working with. For example;

  • Cetologists study marine mammals
  • Paleozoologists study ancient fossils and help determine how certain species evolved
  • Herpetologists study reptiles and amphibians
  • Entomologists study insects
  • Mamologists study mamals
  • Ornithologists study birds

The above are a few examples of particular disciplines of zoology for which you can get a specialized degree. Choosing the right school for you means choosing a school that has a good reputation for the specialized degree that interests you.

Preparing for your zoology degree

When you apply for a zoology program at a university, they are going to prefer – and in some cases, require – that you have taken some heavy science classes. High school students who are seriously interested in pursuing a degree in zoology should take as many science classes as possible. Chemistry and biology are particularly important classes to take.

Choosing your degree level

Before embarking on your path towards a degree in zoology, it’s important to understand that careers in zoology tend to be highly academic. Entry level positions in zoology require at least a bachelor degree. A bachelor degree, for example, will probably get you in the door if you want to work at a zoo. However, if you want to promote to a higher level of employment, work in the field as a researcher, or head up a department, then you will need a graduate degree. It is often the case that a PHD will be required for higher level positions. You can begin your career as a zoologist with a bachelor degree, but there is a high likelihood that if you do, you’ll be returning to school at some point to get a graduate degree in order to progress your career.

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