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An online degree in statistics is great for those who want to learn about data collection and interpreting data on both a large and small scale. Obtaining your degree online will allow you the flexibility to take classes at your own pace while you work full-time. Statistics graduates can be a valuable asset to various different companies as their ability to interpret data and analytics will give them insights into their customer base. Statistics degrees online are offered at the associate, bachelor, master, and doctorate level. When looking for a college, be sure that you choose one that is properly accredited to ensure your diploma will be accepted into your desired career field.

Statistics majors will gain foundational knowledge in almost every field of mathematics, including statistical analysis, differential equations, calculus, statistical theory, linear algebra, and more depending on the electives that you decide to take. Electives that pair well with statistics programs and will help prepare your resume for employment include engineering classes, economics, software development and computer science, number theory, technical and professional writing, finance and investments, and business.

Graduates often couple their expertise in mathematical analysis in jobs for both the for-profit and nonprofit sectors to help businesses analyze data and analytics coming into their website and brick-and-mortar shops, which marketing tactics are working and which aren’t, and what consumers are buying most of to help optimize profits and exposure. In order to maximize your employment potential, it is a good idea to further your education and achieve a master’s, MBA, or doctorate. Some employers will also pay for you to get your advanced degree, so keep that in mind as well.

Typical graduates find work as a statistician, statistical modeler, financial analyst or consultant, data analyst, web analytics specialist, actuary, math teacher or college professor, engineer, and many more. Statistics is a truly versatile degree as it teaches you not only about numbers, but how to interpret and write reports about what those numbers mean and the questions they can answer for any type of organization. Because of this, job outlook varies, but is generally positive due to the overwhelming need for qualified professionals in this data-driven world that we live in. Salaries will also vary depending on the industry that you get into.

No matter which career path you decide to go down, it is good to research your goals thoroughly so that you know which electives will be best for you to be most successful. Ask your peers, mentors, and potential employers about which classes to take and where to focus your efforts so that you are prepared for your job search after graduation.

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