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College isn’t just for taking classes. It’s also a time to explore your interests and make new connections. Getting the full “college experience” means something different to everyone. From attending homecoming pep rallies to living with roommates, many traditional college activities involve socializing.

But what if you decided to enroll in a community college? Known for their large commuter populations, community colleges cater to students on-the-go. With all the shuffling back-and-forth, it can be challenging to meet people and feel at home in a junior college. We spoke with Michael Henry, a former student of Nassau Community College, to give us tips on how students can find their community while attending community college.

Tip #1 – Get involved in clubs and organizations

Going to class isn’t the only reason to come to campus. Most community colleges offer a variety of clubs and activities. 

“My favorite part about NCC was Psychology Club. It was held in the middle of the day, which was a nice break between classes,” says Henry. “I majored in acting but always liked psychology, so I gave the club a chance. I liked it so much I wound up taking five psychology classes, which is something I never planned on.” 

Henry makes a good point – don’t limit yourself to exploring clubs inside your major. Use your time in college as an opportunity to explore new interests. You never know where it can take you!

Tip #2 – Take breaks on campus

If your schedule isn’t packed with back-to-back classes, consider staying on campus during your breaks. Aside from a campus library, many schools have designated commuter lounges perfect for connecting with other students on common grounds. “NCC had computer labs, a game room, and a food court. I loved hanging out there between classes.”

Tip #3 – Attend campus events and services

Don’t forget to check out your school’s event calendar to find a list of campus happenings, both academic and social. “I really enjoyed my time at NCC. They had a football team and I participated in the theater productions. Participating in plays was fun and I met new people,” adds Henry. 

Last Thoughts

If you haven’t noticed by now, community colleges have really stepped up in terms of ensuring students receive an exceptional college experience. Don’t forget to check out your Student Life Office to get involved in campus clubs and events.