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If you have just graduated from college and are trying to decide on your next step, this is the best time to seriously consider all of your options. A recent study shows that the number of college graduates has grown by sixty percent in the last seven years alone. This indicates that the job market is becoming increasingly competitive as more applicants have their undergraduate degrees. It is time to think about how to use your college degree to find a better job.

Hopefully, you have chosen a major in a field you like and want to pursue as a career, such as accounting or electrical engineering. Once you find a job in your field, you may learn that you need to think about pursuing a graduate program to advance in responsibility and to earn more money or move up to a better job. Lucky you, if you have chosen your major field of study well and are prepared to embark on the career of your dreams.

What if you have not yet finished your degree? You may have left school for family or financial reasons and now realize that to find a job in your desired field, you will need to complete your college degree.

Again, lucky you, because there has never been a better or easier time to return to school to finish your undergraduate degree. If you are already working, you can attend college classes online in the evenings or on weekends, at your own pace and at the best time for you. You can go to work in the daytime and attend classes at your leisure, choosing to study at home. You can even have the option of taking part in online classroom discussions today, which could enhance your learning experience.

How do you find out more about your college choices? You can take advantage of a free resource like DreamDegree’s personal education coaches. These are experienced individuals with a background in education who will be able to answer your questions and direct you to the ideal programs for you to finish your degree and find a better job in your field. If you have decided that, instead of teaching, you would prefer to work in the business world or want to become a graphic designer, an education coach will be able to guide you towards your dream. These coaches are student advocates who want to see you succeed. They recommend programs that will enable you to enter your field of choice and can represent you to the colleges you want to attend. They can suggest the best programs in your field and help you learn about transferring credits to partner colleges.

While you are planning your college program, whether completing a degree you had already begun or just beginning the exciting process, remember to think about how to use your college degree to find a better job.