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An Internet marketing degree isn’t going to be exactly the same as a regular marketing degree, although it will cover many of the same principles. But the techniques and practices necessary to succeed in Internet marketing are a different batch from those that are important for regular marketing practices. Internet marketing can cover such subjects as search engine optimization (SEO), pay per click marketing, and social media marketing, among others.

Who should pursue an Internet marketing degree?

There is some debate as to whether or not an Internet marketing degree will do a student as much good as having direct hands-on experience. This criticism of Internet marketing degree programs comes primarily from the fact that Internet marketing is constantly changing, and is inherently constantly changing. As such, studying in an academic format is often considered to be an ineffective way for individuals to learn about successful methods of Internet marketing; academic methods of study are inherently somewhat too staid and unchanging to match the constantly changing state of the Internet.

On the other hand, an academic environment that could net you an Internet marketing degree could be good for making sure you have all the basics that you’ll need in order to suceed in the field of Internet marketing. For example, individuals hoping to get into the field of Internet marketing will need base understandings of things like keyword research, content development, link building, website structuring, and more, and while the specifics of many of these subjects may be variable dependent upon the exact state of the Internet, the fundamentals are going to be constantly applicable.

An Internet marketing degree would thus be most useful for those individuals who are interested in getting such fundamentals, but without a doubt, it would be of most use to any given individual if it either took little time to complete or if it involved constant hands-on experience with the actual state of the Internet as it exists in the world. Otherwise, an Internet marketing degree program is likely to suffer from the criticism that it would not prepare individuals for the constantly changing state of the Internet.

Another option for Internet marketing degree programs

Another option, for those unsure of the utility of Internet marketing degree programs for their own lives, is to pursue certifications or seminars, which can often provide the same generalized basis of understanding of Internet marketing, without taking as much time. Thus, a certification or degree program may be the right option for those interested in Internet marketing.

Internet marketing degree programs

Some Internet marketing degree programs are not independently oriented towards Internet marketing. They are actually part of a bigger marketing degree program, and they simply feature specializations in Internet marketing. Such a program would still likely provide the necessary information and backgrounding for an individual to enter into the field of Internet marketing, while also providing the student with a background on matters of marketing in general such that the individual would actually have additional opportunities and skills available to him or herself.

Most Internet marketing degree programs only offer degrees at the bachelor’s or undergraduate levels. As mentioned above, there are some Internet marketing certificate programs which might serve some students in their goals. Furthermore, there is also likely a number of associate degree programs for those interested in Internet marketing.