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Most students are well aware of the existence of scholarships, yet ignorant of how best to seek them.  Searching for scholarships can be a rather daunting task; often leaving scholarship seekers exhausted and disheartened before even entering the actual application phase.  Traveling from site to site and sifting through the myriad unrelated scholarship offers is a waste of time and energy.  Using Peterson’s college scholarship search tool will allow you to use your time and energy more efficiently by tailoring your scholarship search to you and your needs.

Peterson’s database includes thousands of scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students alike. Simply clicking a few circles will guide your search in the right direction; narrowing your search results to the scholarships that correspond with your level of education (undergraduate or graduate), desired institutional setting (university, four-year college, two year college, or trade technical institution), and desired status (full time or part time).  After just a few easy clicks, you will have access to an abundance of scholarship options and can further narrow your search using up to an additional sixteen filters (e.g. amount, area of study, disability).  The resultant scholarships can be arranged in any of six ways (the amount offered; in either descending or ascending order; by high or low availability, deadline dates, or merely in alphabetical order) to better prioritize your search.

Each scholarship result features the name of the scholarship and its sponsor(s), the amount offered, the number of scholarships still available, the number of scholarships awarded in the most recent reported year (often along with the number of applicants), the deadline, and whether or not they are renewable.  Scholarships of interest may be saved to your Peterson’s account so that you may continue browsing options and return to your scholarship list later.  Best of all, your search results are easily altered.  Choosing a new filter selection or clearing (deselecting) an old one will automatically refresh your search; bringing up selections that fit your updated criteria.  This allows you to broaden and narrow your search at your convenience.  Clicking on the name of a scholarship of interest will redirect you to a page featuring a more detailed description of the scholarship and its requirements.

While visiting the page for a specific scholarship, you will not only learn more about that individual scholarship, but the right hand column will display similar scholarships to help you along on your search.  Lastly, Peterson’s search tool is totally free to registered users, as any legitimate scholarship assistant should be.  There is absolutely no need to pay for a scholarship search.  So log in and take advantage of this free, work-reducing tool.