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A marketing degree is useful for many different types of people. Perhaps you’re a great communicator; when you talk, or give a presentation, people are swayed by what you say. Perhaps you like to crunch numbers and see trends in behavior; you like to discover why people do the things they do. Maybe you are very creative and like the idea of creating art or speech or writing that will communicate ideas in new and exciting ways. You could be a tech wiz, who is itching to create the newest and best medium for your ideas. Marketing degrees can optimize many different talents and skills.

Marketing is the backbone of business. It doesn’t matter what kind of business it is or what kind of product or services it provides. Marketing is the art of identifying potential customers and understanding them. In order to successfully sell a product or service, an organization needs to understand the needs and wants of their prospective consumer base. Marketing is a key aspect in this process.

Bachelor Degrees in Marketing

Every business starts with a concept, a basic idea of what they wish to offer their customers. market research can help determine if the concept is viable. During the development stage, marketing can determine the target customer base and develop business plans to successfully sell the product. A marketing strategy is put into place and the product is displayed or packaged in the way most likely to attract customers. Advertising in a variety of mediums is developed and used to promote the product. With a marketing degree, you get the core classes of a degree in business with a focus specifically on marketing. You’ll learn the psychology behind advertising and targeting specific customers, how to develop and manage an advertising campaign, as well as classes focused on sales and customer service.

With a marketing degree, you’ll have a lot of choices and marketing professionals are typically in high demand. Many businesses have dedicated marketing departments. Some marketing professionals are account managers or in sales and work directly with attracting customers. Others do market research or develop advertising campaigns. Marketing evolves with rapidly changing technology; there are always new ways to reach a prospective customer.

If working for corporate America is not your thing, a marketing degree can be used in other ways as well. While the business world uses marketing to help sell their product, non-profit organizations uses it to help gain donations or to direct their services where they are most needed. Political campaigns conduct market research in order to help them tone their message and win elections. Government agencies, Federal, state and local governments use public relations and marketing people to communicate important information in a meaningful way.

Regardless of what industry or field you wish to be in, you can be certain that marketing is used in some manner. This makes it one of the most diverse degrees out there. Whenever you have an idea, and you want to the world to know about it, you must market it!

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