Hey everyone! Hard to believe that yet another week has past, which means that we’re another week closer to more college application deadlines. At least that also means we’re another week closer to delicious Thanksgiving foods, whether you’re a turkey fiend, stuffing connoisseur, mashed potato expert, or gravy sommelier.

As usual at this time of year, there’s lots of interesting stuff in the news about the college admissions process. Luckily, you’ve got us here at the Peterson’s Newswire to sift through all of the content from the last week and pull out the most interesting, useful, and relevant material into one easy-to-digest post! This week, we’ve got advice from the Dean of Admission at Clemson himself, tips for dealing with extracurricular activities and avoiding clichéd essays, and more discussion about social media at the role it plays in college admissions today, along with lots more engaging content. Check it out below in this week’s link roundup!

  • Dr. Brian Mitchell tackles some important questions regarding the college admissions process and how it may change moving forward in this blog entry from the Huffington Post.
  • How far would you go to improve your standardized test scores? Would you study almost constantly for a full year? Check out this story about what some students did in hopes of pushing their own scores a few points higher.
  • Here’s a short piece providing some good advice about extracurricular activities and how they relate to your application.
  • In a thought-provoking opinion piece from the Harvard Crimson, student columnist Jonathan Zhou compares college admissions to the book/movie Moneyball.
  • Another short article with some good advice, this time on college interviews: what you should think about, how to prepare, and mistakes to avoid.
  • Even more advice from the Huffington Post – here’s a post that identifies four clichéd essay topics that you want to avoid when writing your application essay. For more on clichéd essay issues, check out this post on the EssayEdge blog as well.
  • Still a ton of news out there about college admissions and social media, including this article from the New York Times, this one from Fox Business and this one from the Minnesota Daily.
  • Want some advice straight from a college admissions director? Robert Barkley, Director of Admissions at Clemson, provides just that in this article from Fox Carolina.
  • Even if you’re wrapping up your college applications, don’t forget to start thinking about scholarship applications as well. The Peterson’s Scholarship Search Tool is a great place to start if you’re looking for ways to fund your education.
  • Finally, Briana Boyington writes a great article offering more good advice on how to incorporate out-of-the-classroom activities into your successful college application for U.S. News.