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Those who have a passion for the legal system and want to start a career in law can do so by achieving an online degree in legal studies, also known as a Bachelor of Law, from an accredited institution anywhere in the nation. Many online programs are offered at the associate and bachelor level, and some colleges also have a master’s degree in specialty law degrees as well. Whether you are looking to work in a law firm, law enforcement, the government, or a corporation, obtaining a degree in law is a great place to start.

A law degree is typically offered through a college’s criminal justice department, and teaches students the basic fundamentals of the legal system. It will differ slightly from a paralegal degree, as it will prepare you to find employment in various industries that require a background in the court system. During your program you will learn about legal principles and law within the United States, philosophy of law, navigating through the legal process, business, constitutional, and administrative law, American politics, and federal, state, and local government practices. You will also gain other valuable skills, including rhetoric, logic, ethics, legal reasoning, investigation and forensics, research, technical and legal writing, and critical thinking. All of these skills combined will make you a valuable asset to variety of companies across the nation.

Your ability to critically analyze arguments, efficiently research any type of subject, and be able to communicate complex theories and ideas in an easy to understand and simple way will allow you be competitive in your job search. Graduates typically find work as a legal assistant, contract negotiator, mediator, law enforcement professional as a police officer, CIA or FBI agent, or the DEA, legal secretary, law librarian, security specialist, court clerks, and more.

Obtaining a bachelor’s degree in law can also be a stepping stone to obtaining a degree or certificate in paralegal studies, and even going on to law school to obtain a Juris Doctorate (JD). In order to be sure that you will have all of the prerequisites that you need to enter one of these programs after graduation, be sure that the educational institution that you choose is properly accredited.

The job outlook for law graduates is typically positive, as the need for qualified professionals in the court system will continue to grow. Salaries will vary depending on the type of industry you enter into. Also, because there are a number of different career paths that you can go down, be sure to research the specific area that you want to get into so you for sure a law degree is right for you.

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