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The supercomputers of today are a result of humanity leveraging the power of technology and data in order to make our personal and professional lives better. The people behind this are computer scientists, information systems specialists, and IT specialists (including IT managers), all of whom focus on improving computing and making those systems more efficient, so that users have a more meaningful experience when using technology.

People who have earned an online degree in one of these specialties might find work in academics, the technology sector, or in a broad variety of organizations to help them manage data effectively. This includes hospitals, schools, non-profit organizations, and more. Whether you are interested in the theoretical aspects of computer science or in improving the experience of individuals using with computing systems, an online degree program can be the right choice to achieve your career goals.

Explore your online computing degree options with these great programs:

Online Computer Science Bachelor’s Degree/Online Computer Science Degree

Combining both theoretical computation and the actual design of computational systems, computer scientists are experts in computation and the applications of computation. As true pioneers in online education, computer science degree programs are numerous and diverse.

Online Information Systems Bachelor’s Degree/Online Information Systems Degree

At the intersection of computer systems and the people using those systems is the information systems field. An online information systems degree can help you gain the knowledge needed to understand and work with large data sets.

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