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An online degree in history is a great education to get for those who want to learn about human history and historical analysis. Believe it or not, there are multiple jobs that you can get as a history graduate as well. Employers value the skillset of history majors as one of the best liberal arts degrees available.

Accredited colleges across the nation offer associates, bachelors, and masters programs all online, allowing students to achieve their degree at their own pace and while they work full-time. There are also a number of different history certification programs while and after you graduate with your degree, including US history, world history, secondary education, African American history, and more. Certification programs are meant to help students specialize in an area of interest to complement their primary studies. Certifications can also help students get into graduate school and find jobs in specific areas.

Depending where you take classes, you will learn about American, European, Eastern, African, and Latin American history. You will gain a deep understanding of the social, economic, cultural, and political perspectives of the world, and how to examine and criticize the past in order to change the future for the better and understand our present times. Students typically take classes focusing on world civilizations, historical research, economics and philosophy, prominent ancient civilizations, world wars, and the past human experience in general.

The skills your gain in an online history program will allow you to be a valuable asset to many different companies and organizations. After graduation, you will be highly skilled in critical and analytical reasoning, teamwork, argumentative and logical thinking, problem solving and creativity, and a solid grasp of business, academia, and politics. History graduates will be able to apply for certain jobs related to their degree, including a museum curator, historic building inspector, historical researcher, advocate, and also in archiving and heritage. Non-degree related jobs that you would also be a good fit for include, politics, media, archaeologist, journalist, editor, and information officer. Obtaining a graduate degree in history will allow you to teach at a primary, secondary, and college level, as well as qualify you to be a historian for local, state, and federally funded entities.

Those who decide to major in history should consider their employment opportunities in comparison to the level of education that they want to achieve. As a history graduate you will gain many worthwhile skills, though it is important to have a passion for history as job prospects may be less optimistic than some other degree programs. However, don’t let that discourage you from seeking out a career field that you have a high level of interest in.

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