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A degree in animal science, particularly at the bachelor level or higher, can lead to a lot of opportunities for working with animals. Very often, those choosing this degree do so to start the path to becoming veterinarians. Animal science is a very good undergraduate program to take prior to getting a veterinary medicine degree. While this is a very popular and very lucrative career, it is only one reason to pursue this degree.

Those who wish to be agricultural managers, such as farmers and ranchers often choose to get a bachelor level degree in animal science. Although much of the know-how of running a ranch or a farm is gained through work experience, more and more people in this industry find this degree helps them keep up with the changes in the industry, as it becomes more complex. Veterinary technicians, zoologists, wildlife biologists also benefit from an animal science degree. Most positions in these fields require at bachelor degree at minimum.

Due to the nature of the education provided in the course of the degree, there are very few completely online degree programs available. Some classes require lab work or work in the field that must be done on campus or on site. Therefore, even if you plan on taking as many classes as you can online, it is best to choose a school with a physical location near you. Even in a hybrid online/on-campus program will offer much more flexibility and scheduling than a traditional degree taken entirely on-campus. For many, this flexibility makes all the difference. Those with busy schedules, families or other work commitments will be more easily able to obtain a degree when a large portion of the classwork is online and can be done at any time.

When choosing a school, it is important to make sure that the school’s animal science degree is accredited. Prospective employers look for graduates from accredited programs because they know that your education has met certain standards. Likewise accreditation is important if you plan on getting a graduate degree or pursuing a degree in veterinary medicine. If you are focusing on a particular field – such as animal nutrition, or biology, for example – it is important to make sure that the degree programs offered will cater to your particular specialization. Once you choose a school and a degree program, you can be fairly confident that you will be able to put your new degree to use soon after graduation. Employment demands in the field of animal science are growing at a faster rate than in other careers. These careers tend to be dynamic, growing and changing at a high rate, so employees in this degree are in very high demand.

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