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Are you thinking about getting an online degree in psychology? Psychology is one of the most popular majors for students in the nation. And for good reason. Those who graduate with a bachelor’s in psychology will have a very flexible skill set, allowing them to find jobs in many different career fields. Plus, there are a vast number of accredited colleges that offer certificates,  associates, bachelor’s, and even a master’s all online so that you can take classes while you work full time from your own home and at your own pace.

Getting your online degree in psychology offers many great benefits. You will be exposed to many different aspects of human thought, behavior, and emotion, as well as learning about mental illnesses including anxiety, stress, depression, family problems, and addiction. When you begin your degree program, you will typically choose an area of emphasis for your elective coursework. Whether that be child development, organizational psychology, behavioral analysis, or substance abuse, each will have their own benefits and skills that you will gain throughout the program.

When you graduate you will have a skillset that will be valuable to many different job prospects, including, computer literacy, research and information-finding skills, numeracy and statistics, problem solving and critical thinking, and interpersonal awareness. All of these skills will combine to make you hirable to almost any company at an entry-level position. With a bachelor’s in psychology, you can get a number of different jobs as well, including career counselor, case manager, rehabilitation specialist, addiction counselor, as well as other non-psychology related jobs in advertising, sales, marketing, and childcare.

If you choose to go on to further your education in graduate school you can obtain many different degrees and certifications. You can go the traditional route and work towards a doctorate in psychology so that you can open up your own therapy practice or join a healthcare organization. Or you can do other master’s and licensure programs including social work, marriage and family counselor, neuropsychologist, as well as more medically specialized degrees like psychiatry.

An online degree in psychology is a very versatile degree to pursue. Aside from going on to graduate school, you will gain a valuable skillset so that you can use for just about any desired career path. Taking your classes online will also help you avoid student loan debt by allowing you to work full time and at your own pace.

Online psychology programs to take your next step in your career:

Undergraduate Certificates in Psychology / Associate Degrees in Psychology

Bachelor Degrees in Psychology / Graduate Certificates in Psychology

Master’s Degrees in Psychology / Doctorate Degrees in Psychology