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Ready to get your start in the business world? Pursuing an online undergraduate business degree can be the right path to gaining the knowledge that you need while building your network. Just like traditional programs, an online program might get you in contact with professionals in your chosen specialty and help you complete an internship.

Along with the more typical majors for business such as Business Management, Marketing, Accounting, and Economics, there are numerous other majors that make sense for those who are looking for an undergraduate education that will help them get their foot into the door of the business world. For example, an online degree in Communication can be ideal for those who want to work in business in order to acquire the negotiation and public relations skills necessary for success. Individuals who earn an online degree in psychology might enter a human resources or strategy consulting career. Even philosophy majors can find their niche in the business world with their skills in logic and their ability to analyze diverse points of view from both sides.

Here are some subject areas you can major in as an undergraduate that will set you up for success in the business world:

Online Marketing Degree

Even if a company has the best product in the world, people need to know about the product in order for it to become a success. Earning your Marketing degree online can help you acquire the knowledge you need to promote an organization’s products.

Online Business Management Degree

Building a solid foundation of business knowledge can begin with an online Business Management degree. With a broad variety of education styles, it can be easy to find the program that suits your individual needs.

Online Accounting Degree

If a business can’t keep track of the numbers, then it is not likely that the business will succeed in the long run. Choosing an online Accounting degree might be your best bet for learning how to help businesses achieve strong bottom lines.

Online Economics Degree

Understanding the broader forces in economic systems is beneficial to companies. Earning an online Economics degree might be your best choice for your career working with businesses as an employee or a consultant.

Online Communication Degree

With ever increasing competition between businesses, an organization’s public image can make a significant difference in the success of the organization. You might learn how to help organizations, both companies and non-profits, build their relationships with the public by enrolling in an online Communication degree.

Online Psychology Degree

Psychology has broad applications in business. If you are interested in how interpersonal interactions affect business outcomes, and online psychology degree might be the right choice for you.

Online Philosophy Degree

While you might be surprised to see an online philosophy degree in an article about business, employers aren’t. Graduates with an online philosophy degree can offer strong levels of critical and analytical thinking that businesses need to make the best decisions to guide the future of the organization.

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