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Project managers guide plan, guide, and execute projects for businesses from start to finish. Their goal is to ensure each business endeavor is profitable, efficient, and most beneficial for their project goals. You can obtain project management degrees and certifications online while you work full time to help further your career goals and become more successful. In fact, many companies now pay for your education to achieve a project management certification so that you are as valuable as possible to them.

In a project management program you will learn about the phases of project design and execution. Traditionally, project management consists of five basic phases, including project conception and initiation, definition and planning, launch and execution, performance and control, and finally, the closing of a project. You will gain a deep understanding of what it takes for a project to be successful and sustainable, ensure that budget goals are met, and position the project on the forefront of competitors.

The benchmark industry-recognized certification for project managers is the Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification. In order to gain this certification you will need a comprehensive training program that prepares you for the Project Management Institution’s exam. Typically these certification programs are offered online and offline at learning institutions across the nation so that you can get it while you work. You will engage in a rigorous program that will enhance your existing knowledge and experience. Be prepared for fees associated with the program as well.

Because project managers are expected to maintain the highest level of achievement, the skillset you gain will be applicable to many different career paths. After graduation, you will be highly skilled in managing any type of project from the ground up, analytical problem solving, streamlining operations, leadership, design, and strategic planning. The skills you gain will ensure that you are successful far into your retirement.

Experienced project managers are in high-demand and generally make a very lucrative salary. Entry-level positions can start anywhere from $60,000 to $90,000 with an average salary of $96,000, and potential for even higher wages as companies realize the need to deliver valuable services and products to their consumers in a fast-paced, demanding environment. With all of the online project management programs at distance learning schools across the nation, those who want to remain relevant within their company should consider starting their education as soon as possible.

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