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Peterson’s has recently contracted with the U.S. Department of Defense to provide every branch of the military and their families with a wide range of products and services developed and supported by all business segments within Peterson’s.

Since every year the U.S. Armed Forces commissions thousands of new officers, Master the Officer Candidate Tests will provide candidates with the preparation they need to achieve high scores on the required qualifying exam.

Key topics for each military branch’s specific exam are covered in detail, from verbal reasoning and math to mechanics and electronics. Test takers are also provided with the most current information on career opportunities in the military, with specific job descriptions for all 5 branches.

Master the Officer Candidate Tests includes:

  • Test content for all branches of the military, including specific tests used by the Navy and Air Force, and ASVAB and other test material used by the Army and Marines.
  • Subject reviews and more than 650 practice questions to prepare you for your officer candidate qualifying test.
  • Extensive data on career opportunities, pay grades, and benefits for commissioned officers, with detailed information on earning your commission.
  • Take-charge advice and targeted study plans by a retired U.S. Air Force Lt. Colonel.