Top 10 Best Sites for Free Online Education

Are you a person who cannot stop studying? Do you enjoy the process of getting new information but do not want to pay for it lots of money? We get it – no one does. Consider online education – it is extremely popular nowadays because all you have to do is wake up, make some tea, open your laptop, and be ready to obtain the knowledge. Nevertheless, not all the online education is free. However, we found ten best sites for free online education – if you want to find them out, then keep on reading!


Open Yale Courses are an online education platform that allows anyone who wants to study a wide range of topics. First, you have to visit the section “Courses,” then – choose the needed department. Here, you do not know where to look first: American studies, Chemistry, Italian Language and Literature, etc. You then choose the course title. The website offers video, audio, and reading materials as well as exams and problem sets.


This website is not that rich with materials, however, it does contain some. The website immediately offers the learning topics – after pressing the one you like, you get the subtopic. We tried Arts and Humanities -> Humanities -> Literature -> Poetry. However, some materials were from Wikipedia (which is free as well), we found some amazing videos on the famous poets. would be a good choice if you are looking for the free online courses.


This website could be called one of the best online learning platforms if the navigation were easier to understand. Unfortunately, after you press “Courses,” everything becomes blurred for the user. We tried to find the materials for the course “Reading Poetry,” and we managed to do that only after a while. The videos offered were super informative, however, the website is absolutely not user-friendly.


This website is one of those free online courses with certificates: you visit the website, register quickly, press “Courses”, choose the subtopic, and watch the educational videos. However, to receive the certificate with your name on it, you have to pay $50. If you are not fussed about the certificate, this website is perfect for you.


This is one of the educational websites that does not give you an opportunity to choose the subtopic from the topic – you have a huge variety of themes like “Basic English for Business and Tourism” on the huge amount of pages. You have to scroll until you find something worthy. The good thing: the topics are indeed varied; the bad thing is there are too many ads.


This platform is super easy to use – no registration, no additional fees, no nothing. We could found what we needed quickly. However, the minuses are still present: the variety of topics is not the best, and the materials seem short. If you open a video file, it will last not more than 6 minutes; if you open the document file, its length will be not more than five paragraphs.


This website was easy to use, and it offers a variety of disciplines to learn. You do not have to register to get access to the materials. All you have to do is choose the discipline that you like, define the subtopic, and plunge into the world of education. The website offers a huge amount of videos as a material – they are much more interesting to watch, rather than read.


This website has a massive base of materials on the different topics: from Roman Architecture to Financial Theory. The majority of courses provide video materials which is a good thing: the videos seem up-to-date and pretty long. Some of materials are audio and when you are choosing one, you might be redirected to iTunes.


This website has amazed us with the quality of its content. We chose Free Excel 2016 Course and were super surprised how the materials are organized: you have both the video and the reading materials. The reading part contains a huge number of pictures so that you understand better what you learn. Amazing!


This website would amaze people who are interested in technology – you will never find any arts or languages here. It does not have the most amazing navigation, but we still managed to find the video materials for the Introduction to Algorithms and stayed satisfied.

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