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Earning a finance degree is most important for someone who is interested in entering into one of the finance-based professions. A finance degree would thus help prepare an individual for positions such as credit analyst, financial advisor, financial analyst, financial planner, or an investment banker.

What is a finance degree?

A finance degree is, essentially, synonymous with a business degree. In any attempt to earn a finance degree, you will study math, statistics, technology, business principles, and more. Undergraduate finance degrees would allow individuals to work in the economic environment. Most jobs will require bachelor of arts undergraduate finance degrees, but you will likely be able to enter into some positions even with associate degrees in finance.

An associate finance degree would take an individual 2 years to complete, while a bachelor’s level finance degree would likely require up to 4 years. These numbers may vary depending upon the institution.

What will a finance degree let me do?

If you’re interested in entering into the higher level echelons of finance, then you will likely be best served by continuing on to study finance at the graduate level. An undergraduate finance degree will serve you fine in pursuing certain jobs and positions, but the highest level positions will require graduate level degrees. Furthermore, if you have any interest in teaching finance, then you will have to pursue a graduate level finance degree.

The graduate level degrees which an undergraduate finance degree would best prepare you for include a master’s degree in finance or an MBA in finance. There are also doctoral level programs in finance which an undergraduate finance degree might well prepare you for, but these positions will take a significant amount of time and will require bachelor’s degrees in finance.

Should I attempt to earn a finance degree?

You should attempt to earn a finance degree if you are certain that you are interested in working in the financial world. If you know that one of the positions mentioned above or another similar position is what you want to be doing for a career, than a finance degree would likely be a very good degree for you to pursue.