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The computerized MCAT test

As of January 2007, the MCAT exam completed its transition from a paper-based exam to a computer-based exam. All administrations of the MCAT Test are now entirely computerized. However, the exam is not in a computer-adaptive format. It uses fixed forms that allow students to review and change answers within the current section of the test. The computerized MCAT test is now offered multiple times throughout the year instead of just twice.

Benefits of the computerized MCAT test

  • More exam administrations in a calendar year
  • Shorter test day
  • Faster release of scores
  • Standardized testing environment
  • Enhanced testing security
  • Smaller testing groups

Effect on MCAT prep

The average MCAT test-taker may not have experience using a computer-based exam, so be sure to take these changes into account when completing your MCAT preparation.

For more information about the  MCAT, go to www.aamc.org.