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If every 18 months technology becomes outdated or obsolete, who is making all this computer technology possible? Professionals in computer science use the extensive knowledge learned in school, from research efforts, and from positions in their field to develop the computer technology we utilize in our daily lives.

Comparably Better Pay Scale

Fields like computer science generally pay more money than other subjects and professions. Because of the technical nature of the position, starting salaries are more competitive in order to offer an incentive for students to study in the field.

Achieving a graduate degree in computer science will also give you an edge over other candidates applying for the same job as you. Some companies prefer candidates who have earned a graduate degree, especially at the supervisory level.

Job Growth and Promotion Potential

Contrary to other fields within the job market, prospects for computer science majors are quite strong. The field of computer science is always rapidly changing alongside new technology, so employers will be looking to recruit and retain the best graduates.

If you can offer experience from research or professional work, along with your advanced degree in computer science, your chance of obtaining a job in a high-level company will be very good. Companies may also promote you more readily since you have already earned a master’s degree or Ph.D.

Companies that Hire

Everyone knows about Google, Apple, and Microsoft. These companies are bigger-than-life operations that cover just about every part of the computer technology and Internet business. They are constantly rolling out new platforms, developing products, and upgrading current systems in order to give customers and users a unique experience. Therefore, they work hard to recruit graduate students with sharp minds and a technical background like computer science in order for them to keep their competitive edge.

Still, be mindful of the little guy. Google wasn’t always a huge Internet force, and Microsoft started out of someone’s garage. Start-up companies do the same thing Fortune 500 companies do, except on a smaller scale. They still want to gain market share, draw in clients, and create new products — but they may be more willing to give entry-level job seekers a chance. So, why not get in on the fun early on in the game?