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With a large number of government workers preparing to retire, there is a growing opportunity for employment in civil service careers. Civil service is any employment in the public sector employed with federal, state, or local government. The civil service exam is a test taken to measure your skills and abilities related to civil service positions.

As you can imagine, doing well on the civil service test is important for your future career in government. The test is designed to allow you to demonstrate your aptitude for certain tasks and knowledge that you will need in order to do specific positions. A good score on the test may open you up for more employment opportunities and higher pay.

What kinds of positions typically require a civil service exam?

A wide variety of positions require the civil service exam. Postal workers, police officers, and air traffic controllers and clerical workers are examples of positions that may require the exam. Many government entities are expanding who takes the exam. The ability to apply for government positions online has led to many government agencies using the civil service test to help discover the qualified candidates among the hundreds of resumes they receive.

What is on the civil service exam.

The civil service exam will vary slightly depending on which government agency is administering the test and the position for which you are applying. It will typically contain a section on critical thinking, clerical skills and math skills.

How do I prepare for the exam?

In many ways, you can prepare for the exam by studying the topics that will be on the test, and practicing your math skills. One of the best ways to do this is to take a practice test, such as the one offered by Peterson’s. A practice test can be the best way to prepare because it gives you an idea of what to expect when you actually take the test. Having access to practice tests throughout your preparation is key because you can take a practice test to determine where your deficits are, and focus your study time on improving your skills in the areas where you did not do as well as you’d like. The other option is to use a study book like Peterson’s “Master the Civil Service Exams.” The book includes four full-length practice tests, tips and strategies, and a review of all parts of the exam.

Why Peterson’s?

Peterson’s provides three full-length civil service tests, so you’ll be able to take the tests throughout your study period. The tests are online and you’ll have 90 days of access – plenty of time to prepare for the test and get your best possible score. We recommend taking the practice test just after you begin your test prep, so that you know where to focus your study.

Peterson’s civil service practice tests provide detailed scoring information that allows you to target your weak areas during your test prep. It also provides detailed explanations and answers for each question. Peterson’s practice tests are designed to mimic the actual test in every way possible. You’ll go into the actual test knowing exactly what to expect.