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Get SAT prep, subject reviews, and SAT practice tests with Peterson’s SAT Prep Guide 2017 guide.

Peterson’s SAT® Prep Guide 2017 provides 9 full-length practice tests (6 in the book and access to 3 online), 32 additional exercise sections, over 2,100 practice questions, and expert strategies to help you score high on the SAT® exam. With chapter summaries and bulleted road maps, this test-prep guide creates a user-friendly experience that makes it easy for you to prepare for the test at your own pace.

Also included is a bonus section titled, “Parents’ Guide to College Admission Testing,” which offers advice to help parents keep their children on track and survive this most stressful time. Students will also receive online access to hundreds of in-depth college and university descriptions, offering information on degrees, student life, and admission and application requirements.

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