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Having higher test scores is one of the best ways to gain admission into your dream college and possibly even obtaining highly sought-after scholarship money. For those studying for career exams, accreditation and licensure can really set yourself apart from the rest and advance your job prospects. These are just three reasons why test prep is incredibly important! Here’s what you’ll find with a test prep subscription through Peterson’s.

Interactive Learning
Gain understanding of your exam’s content through interactive learning. Interactive learning enhances your engagement levels and boosts your retention of content and material. Several of Peterson’s courses have interactive learning materials such as flashcards and instructional videos with more and more being added each day. 

Practice, Practice, Practice
Flashcards, videos, study buddies, and study guides. All excellent resources to help deepen your knowledge of the content within your upcoming exams. And although these are great learning and prep tools, they’ll likely not prepare you for exam day the way that practice tests will. We can’t stress this enough! Practice tests help you become familiar with test
format and question types. And each course at Peterson’s comes with full-length practice tests! Read more on why you should take a practice test before a big exam.

Support in Your Education
If you’re struggling with a concept, math problem, technical question, or writing assignment, we’ve got you covered! Subscribers with 3-month and 6-month subscriptions receive 24/7 access to online tutoring and essay reviews.

Here’s how it works: Each online tutoring session is 30 minutes long and on-demand 24/7, 365 days a year. You’ll connect with an online tutor within three minutes or less. No appointment is necessary to contact an online tutor, however, you may schedule time with a specific tutor if preferred. 

Want to improve your writing skills? Read more on how our Essay Review works!

Study Whenever, Wherever
Easily access your test prep anytime, anywhere with our app. You can approach over 100 standardized exams through micro-learning sessions that will help you consume, learn, and retain information and study content. Our app content features include: 

  • Diagnostics tests, practice tests, mini-quizzes, and flashcards
  • Interactive lessons and videos
  • Strategies to help you ace the exam
  • In-app badges to keep learning fun

The best part? Our app is free for all subscribers. Just download the app through the App Store or Google Play Store and use your Peterson’s subscription credentials to log in.

Access to Our Free Database
Tools and resources you need to choose from over 35,000 accredited schools and programs in our database.

Peterson’s has a free college search that allows you to search for colleges and universities based on your own preferences. Simply type a keyword such as a major you’re interested in, a state you may want to live in, or anything else that’s important to your search. From there, you can filter your results by school type, tuition, admission difficulty, GPA, SAT/ACT requirements, school size, setting, and area of study to best fit your needs.

Did you know that there’s over $10 billion in scholarships and grants through 1.4 million scholarships, grants, and fellowship awards? Find the right scholarship, grant, or award for you through our scholarship database. Search for available scholarships, grants, and awards and filter by school type, ethnicity, gender, field of study, state of residence, award type, and more!

A Library of Free Resources
Our blog and YouTube channel can help you boost your test performance and achieve your goals and it’s free for everyone! Monthly newsletters to help you stay informed about what’s going on in education, careers, and test prep and weekly blog posts giving you in-depth information on courses, scholarships, and benefits of specific exams. 

Our YouTube channel is great for learning that quick and fun. Check out our YouTube channel for sneak peeks of exclusive content and test strategies to help ace your exam.

What are you waiting for?! Subscribe and start your test prep today!