Program in Nonprofit Management Graduate Programs Antioch University Los Angeles

Program in Nonprofit Management Graduate Programs Antioch University Los Angeles

Culver City, CA
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Graduate Degree in Nonprofit Management at Antioch Los Angeles

Antioch University Los Angeles (AULA), located in Culver City, California, is one of five campuses that comprise the Antioch University System. Its other campuses are located in Santa Barbara, California; Keene, New Hampshire; Yellow Springs, Ohio; and Seattle, Washington.

The campuses were established in the 1960s as satellites of the original Antioch College in Ohio, founded in 1852. Antioch University is now independent of Antioch College and each of its campuses has its own distinct dynamic and academic offerings. Antioch University Los Angeles was founded in 1972.

The Master of Arts in Nonprofit Management degree program at Antioch University Los Angeles is the only locally based university that is a Collegiate Partner of the National Nonprofit Leadership Alliance (NLA). Graduates of the MA in Nonprofit Management degree program are eligible to earn Certified Nonprofit Professionals (CNP) accreditation, the only national certification recognized by the nonprofit sector.

Master of Arts in Nonprofit Management overview

The Master of Arts (MA) in Nonprofit Management degree program at AULA was developed for individuals seeking to dedicate their time and talents to mission-driven organizations. The 18-month program prepares professionals for managerial and leadership positions that support any nonprofit organization's mission, including human service, religious, educational, community development, healthcare, arts and culture, environmental, foundation work, or any other 501C enterprise.

Students in the AULA MA in Nonprofit Management degree program learn from some of the most successful nonprofit professionals in Southern California. Graduates emerge from the program with the expertise and insight to fulfill roles as executive directors, program directors, development officers, consultants, foundation officers, service contractors, and nonprofit trustees.

Hybrid curriculum for working professionals

The MA in Nonprofit Management degree program at AULA is a project-based curriculum comprising 48 quarter units completed over 6 consecutive quarters. Students attend class Thursday evenings and occasional Saturdays and work online between class meetings. Each quarter focuses in-depth on a single, essential aspect of a nonprofit organization. Students take part in a variety of field activities in a nonprofit setting in addition to lectures, readings, simulations, practice exercises, and case studies.

Practical experience through fieldwork

Each quarter, students in the MA in Nonprofit Management degree program cohort visit two local nonprofit organizations, where professional staff members host a facilities tour and give role- and function-specific presentations that focus on the topic that quarter. Also each quarter, students do fieldwork in nonprofit locations of their choice. The site may be their place of employment or an internship, volunteer, or consulting stint at a different site.

Faculty members and guest speakers

The AULA MA in Nonprofit Management degree program curriculum is built upon the experiences and insights of managers and executives from a wide variety of established and emerging organizations across the nonprofit sector. Core faculty members, visiting faculty members, and guest lecturers bring their personal experiences and knowledge to the curriculum to give students accessible, practical information that expands their awareness and understanding on many different levels. Most faculty members continue to work within their fields, regularly publish scholarly articles, and speak at national conferences and symposia.

Notable faculty members include Mary Silverstein, former executive director of the Los Angeles Housing Partnership, whose strategic environmental programs resulted in a California Sustainable Alliance Award; Kiara Nagel, whose research has focused on the historical patterns and impact of development and forced displacement and how those affected can engage in finding adaptive solutions; and David Norgard, a widely respected management consultant with expertise in guiding faith-based nonprofit institutions through major financial and programmatic turnarounds.

A rigorous curriculum

Antioch University provides its graduate students a strong foundation in nonprofit management through rigorous curriculum. The topic of Quarter 1, "Achieving the Mission and Having the Impact: Program Design, Implementation and Management," prepares students for a program director position. Quarter 2, "Advancing the Cause: Resource Development, Marketing, and Constituent Relations," prepares students for vice president responsibilities.

Quarter 3, "Managing for the Greatest Good: Administration, Budget and Finance, Human Resources, and Information Management," prepares students for roles as executive directors, chief executive officers, and chief operating officers. In Quarter 4, "Stewardship of the Common Good: Governance," students explore the fiduciary and legal responsibilities of the board and management and prepare for executive director or trustee roles.

Quarter 5, "The Nonprofit System: Constituencies, Collaborators, Coalitions and Communities," focuses on strategic leadership, preparing students to be dynamic, forward-thinking agents for positive change. Quarter 6, "Leading Toward a Preferred Future: Organizational Evolution, Adaptive Leadership, and Strategic Direction," emphasizes strategies for organizational sustainability and prepares students for creative leadership in the changing nonprofit landscape.

Financial assistance

Students in the MA in Nonprofit Management degree program at AULA are eligible for financial assistance through a variety of full and partial scholarships that are awarded based on merit and need.

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