Getting Into Medical School: The Keys to Unlocking a Medical Career

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Great Medical Schools
MCAT: All You Need to Know
The MCAT is one of the biggest hurdles any potential medical student can face. Spring over the hurdle with ease with the below info.
Medical School Essay Tips
Read up on the basics of the AMCAS personal statement here.
A Brief Introduction to the AMCAS Personal Statement
The AMCAS personal statement is going to be the primary personal statement you submit in your med school applications. Read up on the important basics here.
Write the best residency personal statement you can with these tips and advice.
Writing a Great Residency Personal Statement
Residency personal statements are different from personal statements for medical school applications, and it's important to understand those differences. Get the info you need here.
More Great Medical Schools
Program in Developmental Biology
... program also cooperates in the Medical Scientist Training Program, ... walking distance of the Texas Medical Center. They occupy extensive ... of the facilities of the Texas Medical Center.Financial Aid Students ...
Biomedical Informatics
... Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, and the UC College of ... of the most prestigious research medical centers in the nation. The ... information sciences and medical sciences to maximize ...
Graduate Division of Biomedical Sciences
... nation's premier institutions for medical education, biomedical ... first and most prestigious Medical Science Training Programs ... (MSTP). The programs in the Graduate Division are collectively ...
Time for Medical School Requirements
Stethoscope with weird colors.
Becoming a doctor will cost plenty of money, but perhaps more importantly, it will cost plenty of time. Between medical school, the internships after medical school, and any time spent in a residency, you can expect to spend a significant chunk of your life working towards this goal.

It can be important, then, to know both how much time you can expect to spend, and what chances you'll have to adjust your path if you decide it's not for you.
Minority Representation and Medical School
Find out more about minority representation in the medical profession here.
Minority representation is an important issue in the medical profession at the moment. If you are a minority member thinking of becoming a doctor, now is a better time than ever.

Find out about the current status of minorities in the medical profession, along with information about Med-MAR, the Medical Minority Applicant Registry, here at