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College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) exams offer you a valuable way to save money and time in pursuing your degree. Earn college credit for subjects you already know by receiving a passing score on the exam. Each exam you pass saves you the equivalent of $900+ and the time in taking a college course. CLEP credits are also widely accepted by over 2,900 colleges and universities, making it a great way to accelerate your degree. 

Before you step into the testing room, learn these tips to help you maximize your score and take the test with confidence. 

  1. Become familiar with what’s on the test. Although most exams consist of multiple choice questions to measure your understanding of the subject, some exams include an essay, such as with English Composition. Essays measure your basic college writing skills, so be prepared to demonstrate your writing ability. 
  2. Choose a test you’re knowledgeable about. With 34 exams to choose from, ranging from composition and literature, to world languages, to science, mathematics, and business, there is sure to be a subject in which you excel. Choose an exam that aligns with your knowledge so you won’t have to relearn material.
  3. Take practice tests. One of the most productive ways to prepare for a CLEP exam is by taking practice tests. Peterson’s CLEP exam prep includes practice tests with detailed answers and explanations to every question. Timed practice tests help recreate the test environment, making you aware of how you will perform during the actual testing experience.
  4. Answer every question. Test takers aren’t penalized for wrong answers, so be sure to select an answer to every question. Running out of time? Select a random answer which gives you a shot at choosing the correct answer. If you don’t select an answer, you will get the question wrong 100% of the time!
  5. Eliminate answers and guess strategically. You will likely encounter a question or two that you can’t answer. Minimize guessing by using the process of elimination. The more choices you can exclude, the better your chance of getting the question right. If you actually must guess a question or two, it’s best to choose the same letter answer choice every time which gives you better odds of answering the question correctly.
  6. Use the review button and go back to the question. While viewing a question you aren’t sure how to answer, click the review button. After answering all of the questions to the best of your ability, view the questions that you clicked the review button for and make corrections as needed. If you still have time remaining, start at the beginning of the exam and review all of the questions.

Peterson’s recommends spending 3-6 weeks to prepare for your CLEP exam, depending on your level of expertise in the test content. Need help studying for the exam? Check out Peterson’s CLEP test prep to help you prepare for the exam! 

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