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You may be wondering why you are even worrying about your career path as a high school sophomore. You still have plenty of time to figure that out, right? Wrong. But don’t stress. Since you are reading this and already interested in taking a high school career assessment test, you are one step ahead of the rest of the pack. Planning long-term career goals will ensure that you are successful whether or not you decide to go to college, trade school, or jump right into a fulfilling career after graduation.

People of all skill levels and ages take career assessment tests, from middle and high school students, to college graduates and professionals who already have 20 years of experience. These tests shouldn’t be stressful, and you don’t even need to study for it, aside from considering what you would like to do after you graduate. Most of the tests take less than 30 minutes to complete and will ask you questions regarding your personal attributes; for example, your interests, values, preferences, motivations, and skills.

Types of Tests

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There are a number of different career tests issued through public schools and private companies. The most common four tests that you will see include:

Each have their own pros and cons, and are able to explain different things about your skills and how they may point you in the right direction towards a rewarding career. So, as you begin to speak about your career goals with your parents and loved ones, be sure to have them help you contact each of the career assessment test givers and school counselors to find the best fit.

Being able to wake up in the morning and enjoy going to work five days a week is one of the most important elements to leading a stress-free and happy life. By taking a career assessment test early on during high school you will be able to plan out what college or trade school to go to, what types of classes you should take, and have the confidence that you will find a high-paying, worthwhile career.