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Peterson’s launches Cybersecurity Awareness Training course, the company’s first certificate offering.

The awareness course is designed for employees, specifically within school and workplace environments, who handle sensitive materials and data. Taking the course will help employees address concerns with theft and scams, some of which have had devastating effects on companies.

One of the major benefits of receiving the certificate is that it shows you have a greater awareness and understanding of common security threats and how to practice daily habits that will help secure and protect company data, sensitive information, and devices. For those who take the course, they will not only learn about current threat trends, but they’ll also come to understand why the tips and strategies work the way they do. Peterson’s Cybersecurity Awareness Training will give people detailed explanations as to why cybersecurity specialists recommend certain actions and how they can incorporate into their everyday lives.

Are you ready to protect your data and earn the Cybersecurity Awareness Training Certificate? Sign up for the 12-module course full of strategies, activities, and instructional and interactive videos that will help you keep your devices and sensitive information protected.