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Public health is one of the most diverse career fields available today. With its focus on preventive medicine for large populations rather than the treatment of individuals, public health encompasses endeavors beyond doctoring and nursing. Whether you like mathematics and accounting, writing and communications, or research and technology, there are many different public health careers available. A career in public health is open to people with all sorts of talents and skills, and it is a rewarding career with continued opportunity for growth.

Here are some areas in which public health jobs may be found:

  • Hospitals, Offices, and Clinics
  • Insurance Companies
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Medical Supply Companies
  • Professional and Advocacy Organizations
  • Local, County, State, and Federal Government
  • Schools, Colleges, and Universities
  • Non-Profit, Charity, and Service Organizations
  • Voluntary Health Agencies

As you can see, public health careers can encompass everything from gang violence prevention to tracking infectious diseases. While there are many career choices available, here is a sample of some popular public health jobs and their relative earning capacities. For details on median earnings, see the Occupational Outlook Handbook, published annually by the United States Department of Labor.

Health Services Administration

This public health career involves the oversight and administration of health and human services through a public or private organization. There is a broad salary range for this public health job, but the higher-level positions require at minimum a master’s degree.


People in the epidemiology field study factors which affect the public health of a population. This can include environmental, dietary, genetic, or other factors. This career also has a broad salary range, and it often requires a doctorate for the highest positions.

Environmental Health

A fast-growing field, a career in environmental health includes studying environmental factors, whether chemical or biological, that adversely or positively affect public health. Another public health job with a broad range of salaries, this field requires a minimum of a master’s degree for upper-level jobs.


This career involves the in-depth study of nutrition and its effect on public health. It spans positions from dietary aide to private nutritional consultant and dietary manager. Depending on the place of employment, this public health career offers a narrower and somewhat lower range of salaries. One can have a bachelor’s degree for this job, but master’s degrees are more appealing.

Program Management

This administrative position involves the management of public or private programs associated with public health or services. Someone with this public health job can expect a moderate to high salary. The higher your level of education, the more you will earn with this career.

Biomedical Laboratory

This career includes in-depth biological and chemical research performed in a laboratory. This public health career can provide income from lower-end entry-level to executive salaries. A minimum of a master’s degree is required for mid-level jobs and a doctorate is preferred for high-level positions.

There are many more public health jobs available for people of nearly all skills and talents. So, whichever one of the public health careers you choose, be sure to do your research so you can pursue the right degree to reach your goals.