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The United States remains one of the best and most popular countries in the world from which to get a college education. Universities in the US have a reputation for providing high quality education and thus increasing the potential careers of students. International students whose degree would have a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) focus are particularly attracted to schools in the United States because of their state-of-the-art computers and equipment. Learning the latest and greatest technologies give students a leg up when they prepare to enter the workforce.


International students wishing to study in the United States face fierce competition, not only from US students, but other International Students as well. College entrance exams, such as  ACT® and SAT, provide US Colleges with information that can help them make decisions on which international students to accept into their programs, as well as class placement for selected students. The SAT is commonly used by international students for this purpose, but the ACT is becoming a popular test option as well.

ACT Test Centers

While many students remain unaware of the ACT test option, there are ACT Test Centers in most countries. For some, it could be a more desirable option. The ACT test focuses on evaluating knowledge learned in High School, while large portions of the SAT focuses on critical thinking skills. Since education standards are different in different countries, the ACT is often a desirable test simply because it measures your education level; in other words, your actual knowledge in specific subjects. The ACT is composed of 4 main sections; Mathematics, Reading, English and Science, and measures your knowledge in each subject. There is a separate optional writing component that evaluates your writing skills, and is required by some colleges. The writing test is available in some countries during specific testing days.

English and the ACT

It is imperative that students who wish to take the ACT test have a firm grasp on English, particularly American English. The test is written entirely in English. There are no tests translated other languages, and students who speak English as a second language to not get extra time to complete the test. Having a very intimate working knowledge of English will help to ensure not only that you understand the questions on the test, but the directions for taking the test as well.

International students wishing to prepare for or take the ACT test can purchase online or printed ACT preparation materials from Peterson’s. Most international students (those residing outside of Canada, Puerto Rico or US Territories) will need to register to take the test online prior to testing at an ACT Test Center.