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On this week’s episode

  • On this week’s episode of You Have a Cool Job, we talk to Brandon Woo, a software engineer for social media giant, LinkedIn.
  • Brandon works on the business to business, or more specifically, advertiser to advertiser side of the company. He talks about the culture at LinkedIn, where hours are non-traditional and he feels connected despite the size of the company. Brandon also explains why so many engineers like himself are needed at companies like LinkedIn.
  • Graduating college recently, Brandon shares where he sees both his career and the future of his role going. He also gives advice for others new in their careers who may feel a sense of “impostor syndrome”, and explains how he has personally shifted this mindset.

About the show

You Have a Cool Job is a podcast hosted by Taylor Sienkiewicz from Peterson’s. The show highlights professionals who have a unique, interesting, uncommon, or otherwise cool job.

Our goal is to motivate you and show how interesting, fulfilling, and anything-but-average your career can be, and we’ll do this by talking with people who took a path less traveled. We ask these fascinating individuals how they got to where they are in their career based on their education, experience, and influences;  why they love their job; and lots more.

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