Improve your ACT scores by using an ACT course during your ACT prep; it contains personalized lessons, quizzes, practice tests, and more.

Your ACT score is an important part of your college application package. Get prepared and make sure it's the best it can be.

One way to do it is to register for a free account here at, where you can access a free ACT practice test. But another way to do it is with this personalized online ACT course that prepares you for test day with expert guidance that builds both skills and confidence in the areas where you most need help. Plus, it's stocked with essential subject-specific and general test-taking strategies. And the best part? Your ACT course is built just for you, based on the results of a pretest.

Here's how it works:
  • An initial diagnostic pretest determines your strengths and weaknesses
  • Based on your results, lessons provide what you need and skip what you don't
  • Short, medium, and full-length options enable you to get the most out of the course — no matter how close it is to test day
  • Interactive games and activities help you build ACT Math, English, Reading, Science, and Writing skills the fun way
  • 400 electronic vocabulary flashcards increase your ACT word power
  • 3 full-length practice tests allow you to apply what you've learned and gauge your progress
  • Your course is available 24/7 for a full 120 days from any Internet-connected Mac or PC
  • Automatic essay scoring helps you evaluate your practice essays
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