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Students likely want to enjoy their last summer with friends and family before heading off to college. That is understandable, however, there is a LOT of preparation for the college application season that students can do the summer before their senior year of high school that will help make the school year less stressful. 

Brainstorming and ticking a few things off your college prep to-do list will help you go into the school year feeling prepared for the often overwhelming task of applying to college. Students can devote just a bit of time to organizing their thoughts and ideas for college applications, essays, and which colleges they will apply to. Summer is also a great time to make those final college visits before things get hectic. And of course, staying on top of your extracurricular activities is important both for your own enjoyment as well as your applications. 

Check out the infographic below to see how your summer to-do list can include a few small things that will be a major stepping stone for you in the fall:

Download the Summer To-Do List for High School Seniors.

Will you be a high school junior in the fall? You can find your summer to-do list here. Stay tuned for summer to-do lists for other high school grade levels!