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So, you’re interested in nursing schools in New York, eh? You picked a good place to start looking.

New York City has many well-known good schools for studying nursing, and New York state has even more. Granted, picking out which nursing schools in New York you’re actually interested in may be a bit more difficult than you expect because there are so many options and so many variables. But here, we’ll go through some of the most important differences and factors you should take into account in your decision-making about nursing schools in New York. At the end, you should have some good choices for a nursing school in NY that’s right for you.

Nursing schools in New York City

Nursing schools in New York City are, of course, going to be located in the ultimate urban environment, with all the advantages and disadvantages therein. Public transportation will be available, but it’ll be pretty tough to own your own private vehicle. If you attend any of the nursing schools in New York, you’ll have all the advantages of a city, like lots of shops and things to do, right alongside all the problems of a city, like a higher crime rate and crowdedness.

Nursing schools in New York City profit from being in such a well-populated area and having a number of hospitals with which to partner and provide students hands-on practice. What’s more, New York City is home to some of the most well-renowned and impressive universities in the world, with nursing schools to match.

Some of the nursing schools in and around New York City include:


Nursing schools in New York State

Looking at nursing schools in New York doesn’t mean just looking at nursing colleges in New York City. New York is a big state, and there are plenty of nursing schools in New York.

Going to school in New York state will likely mean dealing with cold winters and warm summers; the climate is that of the Northeast in general. Most of New York state is a fair bit more rural than some might think, although there are, of course, major exceptions, such as Albany or Rochester. In terms of natural beauty, New York state has plenty to offer with forests and national parks, and of course, any school in New York state would be within relatively reasonable traveling range of New York City, to take advantage of the opportunities there.

Nursing schools in New York state include:


If you’d like to see a comprehensive search list of nursing schools in New York, then click the link. If you’re looking for more information on nursing schools in general, follow the link.