Degree Programs
Certificate Programs
Online setting

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Champlain College


Champlain College is an online school located in Burlington , VT

Degree & Certificate Programs

Undergraduate Programs
Undergraduate Certificates
Certificate in Accounting
Certificate in Advanced Accounting
Certificate in Advanced Business
Certificate in Business Foundations
Certificate in Business Management
Certificate in C++ Programming
Certificate in Computer Forensics and Digital Investigations
Certificate in Computer Networking
Certificate in Cost Accounting
Certificate in Cyber Security
Certificate in Cybersecurity Fundamentals for Business
Certificate in Enterprise Security Fundamentals
Certificate in Forensic Accounting
Certificate in Healthcare Administration
Certificate in Human Relations & Organization Development
Certificate in Human Resource Management
Certificate in Incident Response
Certificate in Intermediate Business
Certificate in Java Programming
Certificate in Linux Administration, Security & Support
Certificate in PHP Programming
Certificate in Project Management
Certificate in Security Administrator
Certificate in Security Fundamentals
Certificate in Software Development
Certificate in Software Security
Certificate in Supply Chain Management & Logistics
Certificate in System Administration
Certificate in Visual C#
Certificate in Web Design
Certificate in Web Programming
Associate's Degree
AS in Accounting
AS in Business Management
AS in Software Development
AS in Web Design and Development
Bachelor's Degree
BS in Accounting
BS in Business Management
BS in Computer and Information Systems
BS in Computer Forensics and Digital Investigations
BS in Cybersecurity
BS in Economic Crime Investigation
BS in Healthcare Administration
BS in Integrated Studies
BS in Management Information Systems
BS in Software Development
BS in Web Design and Development
Graduate Programs
Graduate Certificates
Graduate Certificate in Accounting
Graduate Certificate in Advanced Management
Graduate Certificate in Business Management
Graduate Certificate in Conflict Management
Graduate Certificate in Digital Forensic Science
Graduate Certificate in Early Childhood Program Administration
Graduate Certificate in Employment Law
Graduate Certificate in Health Care Administration
Graduate Certificate in Human Resource Management
Graduate Certificate in Information Security
Graduate Certificate in Leadership
Graduate Certificate in Positive Organizational Development
Graduate Certificate in Supply Chain Management
Master's Degrees
MS in Accounting
MBA in Business Administration
MS in Digital Forensic Science
MEd in Early Childhood Education
MS in Executive Leadership
MS in Healthcare Administration
MS in Human Relations & Organization Development
MS in Information Security Operations

Location & Contact

Student Contact Champlain College Online Admissions
Email: champlainonline@champlain.edu
Phone: 888-545-3459

Address163 So. Willard St.
Burlington, VT 05401
Head of Distance Learning Melissa Marcello
Associate Vice President
Email: mmarcello@champlain.edu
Phone: 802-860-2759

AddressChamplain College Online
163 So. Willard St..
Burlington, VT 05401