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In this time of economic uncertainty, it’s natural to feel uneasy about your future. Whether you’re a current college student wondering how campus will operate in the fall, or a working professional considering earning an advanced degree, our essential guide to navigating college amid COVID-19 may put some of your fears to rest.

Should I go back to school?

Social distancing guidelines have forced organizations across the country to suspend business operations. As a result, millions of employees have been laid off or furloughed. 

If your job has been affected by COVID-19, you may be wondering if furthering your education will help your career path. The articles below are designed to answer questions students have when contemplating a return to school. 

Going Back to School as an Adult in 5 Easy Steps

Where do you start in your journey of returning to school? Follow these step-by-step instructions to boost your success.

Will My Credits Transfer?

With the cost of attending college on the rise, students are exploring cost-effective solutions to earn credits at a lower cost. Find out if the credits you’ve already earned will transfer into a new college program. 

Can a Graduate Degree Help Me Make a Career Transition?

If you’re considering a career transition, a graduate degree may be worth exploring. This article explains the benefits of enrolling in a graduate program and the potential impact it could have on your future.

Graduate Degrees vs. Certificates | Which is Right for You?

We’re diving deeper into the academic options available to graduate students by exploring the difference between a graduate degree and a certificate. 

Standardized testing updates

If your academic plans include submitting your scores on a standardized exam like the SAT, ACT, GRE, or GMAT, take a minute to review these blog posts on exam format and scheduling changes.

Has My Test Been Canceled? | A Guide to Standardized Tests Amid COVID-19

To help students locate information regarding exams and testing centers, we’ve compiled a list of standardized tests and center policies, including Prometric, ETS, Pearson VUE, and College Board. We source the following information directly from each organization’s website and update the information with changes and announcements.

ETS Offers Temporary At Home GRE Testing

As of April 2, 2020, ETS, a nonprofit that administers more than 50 million achievement and admissions tests each year, has temporarily made the GRE exam available as a home test for students around the globe. Since the date of publication, ETS is also offering home testing for the TOEFL, and Praxis exams. Read more about the testing guidelines here.

Prepare for your fall 2020 campus return

Learn what to expect on campus this fall with our back-to-school guides.

Back to School Amid COVID-19 | Prepare Yourself with This Top 10 Checklist

Back-to-school shopping may look a bit different this year. To help students prepare their shopping lists, we developed a checklist of items to bring with you this fall in addition to your traditional back-to-school items

7 Tips for Adult Learners Returning to School

Returning to school as an adult can leave some students biting their nails from not knowing how they’ll fit in on campus. Worried about what to expect? We’ve got you covered. 

Career advice

Not sure where to start in your post-graduation job hunt? Let us help.

20 High-demand Careers for 2020

We sourced data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and compiled a list of 20 occupations that are still in-demand amid the COVID-19 pandemic. 

You’re Hired! Land the Job with Advice from a College Career Coach

Making the leap from college student to working professional can feel overwhelming if you don’t know where to start. We gathered tips and resources from a college career coach to help you land a job after graduation.

Stay busy while social distancing

We’ve got a few ideas about how to utilize your time at home.

Free Online Courses Perfect for Social Distancing

We’ve all been spending more time inside as a result of social distancing. Take advantage of the extra time on your hands by sharpening your skills or learning something new with the help of these six online courses.

Social Distancing | How to Make the Most of Your Time at Home

Make the most of your time at home practicing social distancing by giving yourself a headstart on college-related activities. Our list explores earning college credit through CLEP or DSST exams and explains how to take a virtual college tour from the comfort of your home.

Online Learning

The fear of a second wave of the coronavirus has led to the decision of some colleges to suspend most face-to-face classes until 2021. Fortunately, technology has made it possible to earn a degree without physically attending classes. Check out our guides on how to maneuver the process of taking online courses

A Beginner’s Guide to Online Learning

If you’re considering enrolling in your first online course, you may be wondering what to expect. While policies and course offerings vary between schools, online students across the board can benefit from implementing a few tried and true strategies for success.

An Insider’s Guide to Non-traditional Academic Programs

Become familiar with the vocabulary used by college officials with our glossary of terms used to describe non-traditional academic programs.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Taking an Online Class

We know the adjustment from attending in-person classes to online learning can be difficult for a first-timer to navigate, so we broke down the do’s and don’t of online course etiquette. 

15 Online Degree Programs to Advance Your Nursing Career

Nurses are an important part of the healthcare industry, and with the recent outbreak of COVID-19, the global need for nurses is more crucial now than ever before. To help you get started in your online nursing degree hunt, we compiled a list of online programs for every level of education.

Why Enroll in an Online High School?

While COVID-19 has forced some students to transition to online learning for a semester, others have been attending online high schools for years. To help other students cope with the adjustment, we gathered tips for success from a student enrolled full-time in an online high school.

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